Introduction to The Brill Calculator

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I truly appreciate and thank you for your subscription to the Brill Calculator. In using the Brill Calculator you will discover the quickest and simplest way to get answers and solutions for core issues.

First, some background and definitions for clarity.

The two key components of this calculator are “Gematria” an ancient art, practiced by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, and Hebrews, that converts letters into numbers, and Numeric Daisy Chains (NDCs,) strings of numbers that reveal both reactive (Challenge’s) and proactive (Solutions) behavior patterns.

Combining classical Pythagorean numerology, quantum dynamics, Gematria and the concept of reincarnation, I have created a new branch on the tree of Numerology, I call it "Cosmic Numerology". Cosmic Numerology adds a spiritual aspect to classical Pythagorean Numerology.

The frequencies of the alphanumeric combinations, of the letters and numbers, of a name and birth date, have life-long influences. Those “influences” are the catalysts that determine whether interactions are based on reactive or proactive choices.

When a question is posed, the letters of the question are converted into numbers. The interpretation of those numbers is read like a story that reveals both the reactive behaviors that were the catalysts for the situation, and the proactive behaviors that offer solutions, and a path towards more success.

The core premise of Cosmic Numerology is: Most of humanity is under the illusion of being alone, unloved, and abandoned, either by the cosmos, our universe, or a god. This “abandonment” belief, is the catalyst for reactive behavior patterns associated with the need to be loved, accepted, or in control. For every numeric challenge, there is a numeric solution. For solutions to be achieved, conscious-proactive choices must tip the Choice Scales.

You subscribed to the Brill Calculator to get answers and solutions. Here is the simplest way to identify core issues in seconds.

  • Enter a complete name, first, middle and last name, and date of birth.
  • Enter several random letters in the "Question Box".
  • Read the results for all core issues (Achievement Number, Life, and Karmic Challenges). These challenge numbers are reflected in our daily behavior patterns as a reactive need to be: loved, accepted or in control.
  • (Optional for a Quick Analysis. BUT, it will be very helpful in identifying proactive behavior patterns.) Print out “The Interpretations of Numbers 1-9” for more specific description of the reactive and proactive characteristics of a number.

An in depth analysis that involves asking a question or seeking a dream interpretation, requires copying and pasting the text responses from each answer box into a word processor for later review, this may take an hour or more.

The original question and chart can be retrieved and viewed at any time; from the main menu, go to My Account – My Questions – Result.