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Meet Michael Brill, Creator of the Brill Calculator

I am a number disguised as a human being. My passion is numerology and I have developed a new branch of numerology entitled Cosmic Numerology. Everything in the Cosmos vibrates, those vibrations can be measured with numbers and letters. Cosmic Numerology can decode the patterns of the Cosmos as well as emotional and psychological behavior patterns of people, places, and things. My goal is to help raise the level of self-awareness on the planet one person at a time. I am doing this through my Matrix of The Human Psyche and the Brill Calculator.

The basis of my work is my belief that "cosmic abandonment" issues are the cornerstone of reactive behaviour patterns i.e., passivity (doing to be loved) and aggression (a need for control.) Through the use of sociology, numerology, Gematria, and the concepts quantum mechanics, answers can be provided that explain why individuals, groups, corporations, governments, or cultures behave the way they do. Challenges are identified and solutions provided.

I have appeared on over 600 radio and internet programs worldwide. Teaching experience includes 30 years in public and private schools, corporate training, and colleges.

As a professional numerologist and published author, I specialize in the emotional and psychological behaviour patterns that are the catalysts for health issues and social interactions. I am the author of 2 books which are available at Amazon.


Using numerology to reveal behavior patterns in order to work through them.

  • Shows how to find anyone’s personal challenges and greatest strengths
  • Presents simple numeric exercises that use the first vowel and first consonant of a name and the birth month and day
  • Reveals how this method of numerology can be applied by managers, educators, health professionals, sales people, and parents

Numbers and letters are the blueprints of our lives. By studying the patterns they create--whether it’s a name, an address, or a date--we can learn more about ourselves, others, and how to best interact with those around us.

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A unique approach to using numerology to identify life challenges and karmic lessons to heal emotional and physical problems.

  • Provides a clear method for identifying challenges specific to your birthday and name
  • Details 185 health conditions and how to address the causes using numerology--from addictions and Alzheimer’s disease to thyroid problems, heart failure, and cancer
  • Offers guidance in understanding universal abandonment issues and how these affect our behavior
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Here are some of the interviews I have conducted over the years